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Cutest MV EVER! :D March 6, 2011

So cute! Awesome choreography! Catchy song! Ahh! <3

Dalmatian fighting! :D

I love the kid with the blue hair! The girl that he was partnered with was so cute. They were definitely the cutest couple in the MV :)

The ending was also hilarious XD

What did you think of the video?

~Amaya ^_^


My Newest Obsession February 10, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the band SHINee and liked their music. Then I watched Hello Baby and saw how amazing they all are… Now they are one of my favorite K-Pop bands  <3 <3 <3

Also the first K-pop band where I find EVERY member attractive ^_^



And now for random gifs and pictures of each member :)



Adorable and Sexy, Chicken obsessed and has a serious case of “Onew Condition”

Onew is  my favorite ^_^




Yoseob = God February 6, 2011

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This picture made me laugh so hard xD

It also reminded me how much I love him, so now I will post random pictures of him below:



Why Can’t They All Get Along? January 27, 2011

I love JE soo much, but it makes me sad to know that not all the boy bands get along in real life :'(


Why can’t they be as close as Arashi?



Well I don’t really have anything to say this time around, so I guess that random Arashi video is it. Oh, and THANK GOD FOR SNOW DAYS. SERIOUSLY. Didn’t have to write my in-class AP essay because school was canceled ^_^ Hopefully there will be another snowstorm and there will be no school Friday too? *crosses fingers*


~Amaya ^_^




DREAM HIGH @_@ January 17, 2011

Oh my god!!!!!!! I started watching Dream High and I have been fangirling nonstop :D

If you like hot guys, good singing, and adorable couples then you should give it a try.

I totally support the milky couple (IU and Wooyoung)! ADORABLENESS TO THE MAX (Monta reference…anyone read Eyeshield 21?)!!!!!!

In the show IU is a chubby girl who falls in love with the American transfer student Jason (Wooyoung). I am so exited for the moment where he falls in love with her (right now its one sided).



Fat Idols and other K/Jpop News :D January 6, 2011

This is a music update! Click to see info about Piggy Dolls, B2ST, and Tegomass! :D

A new girl group just debuted in Korea. But unlike most other girl groups, this group has something that really makes them stand out. What is it?

Well, to put it simply, they are all fat.



Porn and KoyaShige :) December 30, 2010

According to allkpop, Nichkhun first watched porn at 15.

His honesty is truly adorkable XD

You can read the article here:

Khun is such a cutie ^_^

Not sure why, but some people find this to be shocking shocking.

“OH MAH GOD AN IDOL WATCHES PORN! EWW! :-O” <– those people

I mean, he IS a guy…it would be more weird if he had never watched porn before, right? That just shows that even though he is incredibly friggin sexy and needs to marry me attractive, he is still a normal horny guy.

Anyways this reminded me of another random story, so here it is:

Random Stories: Porn Edition

When I was  in 6th grade (I think…it was a while ago so I don’t really remember) my friend Lucy invited me to a sleepover birthday thing. Back then I had lots of trouble falling asleep since I was paranoid by the shadows in the dark, and whenever I went to those types of things I would usually just lay there, in silence, until it was early in the morning.

But this time was different.

We started watching a DVD (some kid movie, can’t remember the title), but everyone eventually fell asleep as it was playing. I was still awake when it ended, and by that time it was already early in the morning, probably around 2am or something. I tried falling asleep, but hearing that same little music clip from the DVD menu playing over and over again was driving me insane. So I quietly woke up Lucy , since I didn’t want to wake everyone else.

Me: Lucy, how do you turn off the DVD player? The movie ended.

Lucy: huh?  Oh, you…….*falls back asleep*

Oi! Lucy! *starts shaking her*

…wha?….oh, right. The DVD player.

So she gets up and wiggles over to the DVD player. She turned it off and the TV went back to cable. We both looked up. What happened next would be hilarious to anyone who was watching, but was the most horrific 5 minutes of our middle school existence.



Flirting FAIL December 29, 2010

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Hi there!

Today my best friend Carina got back from her winter vacation trip (she went to her house in Colorado)! YAY! The first conversation we had when she got back:

Me: Yeah, lately I haven’t been getting much sleep. My dad keeps going into my room and blasting the heat, and since I am the weirdest Latino ever and love the cold, I couldn’t fall asleep.

Carina: Yeah same here. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep in my room in Colorado…my incredibly dark room…where you hear animal noises from outside…

Really? That sucks. :-\

Yeah. It was so bad that even NEWS couldn’t help me. And they are usually the solution to everything…O_O


This is why I love her^

On Friday me and Carina are going to Holly’s (another anime obsessed friend) house for a New Year’s party. I am always awkward at parties where I don’t know anyone, so it should be pretty…interesting.XD Holly also invited us to go with her to her country house on Saturday and Sunday, which we can hopefully go to (if Carina doesn’t have sports already).

—So by now, after hearing about colorado and country houses you must be thinking I also have a lot of money like both of them, right? But I don’t. I’m a scholarship kid, so we didn’t even GO on a vacation. But most of the kids I will be talking about (especially the ones from my school) are rich and some can be really snooty. Carina and Holly are both really sweet and down to earth, though.—

So yeah. Thats about all that will (hopefully) be happening this weekend. But I did want to end this journal entry with an asian-themed story, so here it is:

Random Stories: Asian Edition

A couple of my friends (who I just don’t feel like writing about in detail now) dragged me around on the last day of school (12pm dismissal :D )  even though I was not wearing an outfit appropriate for long-distance walking (I had preformed in my chorus thing and was wearing these boots with heels that are only comfy when you don’t walk in them for too long). Around 5pm my feet were REALLY hurting and even though it was fun, I knew I had to go home and rest. So we all said good bye and I went into the train station to go home. As I waited in the station- in heels and make-up- many creepers would hover around me. I was kinda freaked out/pissed off by it, and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. When I finally got on the train, I sat down, exhaused, and all of a sudden this sketchy kid came into our car. Normally I wouldn’t listen to whatever BS he was saying, but because I didnt have my Ipod with me, I was forced to listen. He said something like this:

Sketchy Kid: Hey ‘yall. My names is *insert name I forgot here* and I am here to sell my new demo CD. It is called “DiscoFunk”, and it talks about bikes, disco balls, and parties downtown. It will be HUGE, I promise! #1 on the Itunes chart!

It sounded kind of hipster-esque, but when he said it was a rap CD everyone was more confused than ever. A rap CD about disco?

As soon as the kid went into the next car I started giggling at how insane his CD sounded. Then I heard another giggling across from me, and I looked up to see who it was. My reaction looked something like this:




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